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Aerial view of Tokyo
Photo of Yuto

Yuto Yamada

Photo- and Videographer JAPAN flag
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Hello, my name is Yuto and I’m a photographer and videographer from Tokyo. I live in Berlin and specialise in photographing urban scenes, especially at night. I’m currently in the midst of photographing the amazing scenery of Japan.

Yuto pictured in the snow next to the summit cross
Yuto in the snow taking a photo
Yuto in the snow taking a photo of a pagoda

About me

What kind of adventurer are you?
Curiosity and sharing the photos I take with people as a work of art.
What do you expect from the trip?
I expect new adventures in countries I have not yet been to with new friends.
What are you looking forward to?
I look forward to spending time in the desert and enjoying the sunrise and sunset every day.
What do you have respect for?
Actions that help people in need.
How will you cope with difficult situations?
When a difficult situation happens, I try not to give up easily until it is solved.
What role will you play in the #GOBACKPACK team?